Palestinian Diaspora, Identity, and Hope

Professor Beshara Doumani gives new context to the relationship between Israel and Palestine and speaks about what it means to be Palestinian in a world that denies your very existence.

God’s Little Acre

Part II of the Aaron Lopez saga brings us to a burial ground in Newport, where headstones give us insight into the lives of enslaved and free Africans in colonial Rhode Island.

Luis’ Story, Growing Up Undocumented

Luis was smuggled into the U.S. when he was just eight years old. He built a life in New Bedford, Mass., but his world came “crashing down” when his parent’s legal status split apart the family.

Baba Manoog And The Mulilikwa Family

Single mom Pichuna and her 8 kids connect with the Armenian community in Providence over their shared histories of being refugees and finding solace in church.

Mohammed And The Idea Of “Home”

A Syrian doctor risks his career and life for his home during a gruesome civil war. Then, he faces a choice: become the enemy or leave everything behind.

The Brothertown Fight For Recognition

After settling in Wisconsin, members of the Brothertown tribe are forced to give up their reservation to avoid a government ordered removal to present-day Kansas, setting in motion an unforeseen legal battle their ancestors will fight more than a century later.

Journey To Brothertown

Betrayed by his mentor Eleazar Wheelock and wary of all colonists, Samson Occom forms a new American Indian tribe in the mid-1770s and leads his followers on a journey further west.

The Betrayal Of Samson Occom

The impact of early European immigration on Native Americans in New England is examined through the story of Samson Occom, a brilliant Mohegan Indian from Eastern Connecticut who gains fame on two continents before his story takes a dramatic and unexpected turn.