Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has a complex and, often, political history. But how much does that matter to newly-arrived immigrants?

The Brothertown Fight For Recognition

After settling in Wisconsin, members of the Brothertown tribe are forced to give up their reservation to avoid a government ordered removal to present-day Kansas, setting in motion an unforeseen legal battle their ancestors will fight more than a century later.

Journey To Brothertown

Betrayed by his mentor Eleazar Wheelock and wary of all colonists, Samson Occom forms a new American Indian tribe in the mid-1770s and leads his followers on a journey further west.

The Betrayal Of Samson Occom

The impact of early European immigration on Native Americans in New England is examined through the story of Samson Occom, a brilliant Mohegan Indian from Eastern Connecticut who gains fame on two continents before his story takes a dramatic and unexpected turn.

Roger Williams And The Pequot War

It’s May of 1637, and English armies are preparing to attack a large Pequot fort in Connecticut colony. What happens next will change the relationship between indigenous tribes of New England and colonists forever. And it’s all thanks to Roger Williams.