Intergenerational conversations within immigrant families are complicated by differences in language, experience, and the trauma of immigration. Ana sits down with playwright Jenny Sánchez to see how she worked through her own family’s immigration story with her virtual, Spanish-language play, Abue!

Bami Farm

Johnston’s history as a Yankee farming town makes it hard for newcomers like Julius Kolawole to feel welcome farming the same soil. He’s doing it anyway.

The Chin Family

In this episode of Mosaic, three generations of one family tell a history of Chinese migration, struggle, and the changing politics of identity that go into the creation and preservation of Chinese-American restaurants.

Immigration, Industrialization And The American Dream

Americans often look back on the Industrial Revolution as a time of opportunity, when immigrants came to America with nothing and quickly climbed the economic ladder. But the truth is the 19th and early 20th Centuries were a hard time for many immigrants who faced discrimination and, often, tough odds.

The Last Jewish Bakery In Rhode Island

Murray Kaplan learned how to bake from his father, who learned how to bake from his father, who started the family bakery in 1917 after coming over from Russia. Now that he’s close to retirement, Murray faces a choice: continue the tradition of Jewish bakeries in Rhode Island, or hang up his apron strings for good.

The Big Immigration Story Behind A Small Berry

For generations, Cape Verdean-Americans have farmed on the cranberry bogs of Southeastern Massachusetts. Despite the challenges, one family in the town of Carver is keeping that tradition alive.

Rupa Finds Her Courage In A West Warwick Gym

Growing up in India, Rupa loved to learn and perform classical Kathak dance. But life and school prevented her from following her passions. That is, until she moved to the US and regained her confidence.

The Irony Of Aaron Lopez, The Merchant Prince Of Newport

Aaron Lopez flees the Spanish Inquisition and arrives in Newport in 1752 a religious refugee. He quickly becomes a successful entrepreneur and a pillar of the Jewish community. At the same time, he’s actively funding slaving voyages.