Bami Farm

Johnston’s history as a Yankee farming town makes it hard for newcomers like Julius Kolawole to feel welcome farming the same soil. He’s doing it anyway.

The Chin Family

In this episode of Mosaic, three generations of one family tell a history of Chinese migration, struggle, and the changing politics of identity that go into the creation and preservation of Chinese-American restaurants.

The Last Jewish Bakery In Rhode Island

Murray Kaplan learned how to bake from his father, who learned how to bake from his father, who started the family bakery in 1917 after coming over from Russia. Now that he’s close to retirement, Murray faces a choice: continue the tradition of Jewish bakeries in Rhode Island, or hang up his apron strings for good.

The Big Immigration Story Behind A Small Berry

For generations, Cape Verdean-Americans have farmed on the cranberry bogs of Southeastern Massachusetts. Despite the challenges, one family in the town of Carver is keeping that tradition alive.

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has a complex and, often, political history. But how much does that matter to newly-arrived immigrants?

Growing Up Triple Decker

The triple decker home is an icon of urban New England that’s given a start to generations of immigrants. But what’s life like inside the walls of a three family home?

Fishing With Kai On

Connecting with a new place and new people can be tough when you don’t know the dominant language. In this episode of Mosaic, we meet a Chinese immigrant who does it with fun, food, and little bit of fishing.