Bami Farm

Johnston’s history as a Yankee farming town makes it hard for newcomers like Julius Kolawole to feel welcome farming the same soil. He’s doing it anyway.

Land of the Free, Part II

We pick up where we left off with the story of Pov Pech: he returns to Lowell after serving his sentence and tries out the straight and narrow life. But Pov’s past has already changed the course of his life and set him up on a path that, decades later, ends in deportation.

Land of the Free, Part I

Pov Pech came to the US as a refugee and turned towards crime to solve his problems. He stole, fought, sold drugs, and even shot up a high school. Last summer, he was deported back to a country he barely knows, leaving his family and his American identity behind.

The Irony Of Aaron Lopez, The Merchant Prince Of Newport

Aaron Lopez flees the Spanish Inquisition and arrives in Newport in 1752 a religious refugee. He quickly becomes a successful entrepreneur and a pillar of the Jewish community. At the same time, he’s actively funding slaving voyages.

Baba Manoog And The Mulilikwa Family

Single mom Pichuna and her 8 kids connect with the Armenian community in Providence over their shared histories of being refugees and finding solace in church.

The Brothertown Fight For Recognition

After settling in Wisconsin, members of the Brothertown tribe are forced to give up their reservation to avoid a government ordered removal to present-day Kansas, setting in motion an unforeseen legal battle their ancestors will fight more than a century later.

Journey To Brothertown

Betrayed by his mentor Eleazar Wheelock and wary of all colonists, Samson Occom forms a new American Indian tribe in the mid-1770s and leads his followers on a journey further west.

The Betrayal Of Samson Occom

The impact of early European immigration on Native Americans in New England is examined through the story of Samson Occom, a brilliant Mohegan Indian from Eastern Connecticut who gains fame on two continents before his story takes a dramatic and unexpected turn.

Roger Williams And The Pequot War

It’s May of 1637, and English armies are preparing to attack a large Pequot fort in Connecticut colony. What happens next will change the relationship between indigenous tribes of New England and colonists forever. And it’s all thanks to Roger Williams.