Mosaic is a podcast that explores immigration and identity in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, a region that traces the history of American immigration back to the early days of colonization.

It’s not about politics. It’s about people–the people who live in your neighborhoods, shop at your grocery stores, and go to the same schools as you. So, in that way, Mosaic is about more than immigration. It’s about us and who we are as a true mosaic of communities and experiences, rooted in homelands and mother tongues that carve out new spaces within an American dream.


The Public’s Radio began production on Mosaic in late 2018 with the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The original goal was to create 30 episodes of a series dedicated to telling the stories of immigrants in their own voices. Since then, we have produced dozens of episodes, hosted in-person events, picked up some awards, and created a bustling community around immigration stories and experiences in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Show Statement

Mosaic is committed to writing, exploring, and learning from stories through the lens of racial equality. While not everyone we interview will hold the same beliefs or lived experiences with race, ethnic biases, and religious prejudice, our production and editorial teams commit to a methodology of human respect and inalienable equality. This methodology guides our story choices, interviewing techniques, writing, music choices, audio editing, marketing, and hiring practices. It is our goal to use this podcast and web platform as a tool to help combat prejudice and present new points of view to conversations on immigration, race, identity and human justice based on principles of equality.


Producer & Host

Ana González

Chief Content Officer

Sally Eisele

Community Producer

Pearl Marvell

Programming Director

James Baumgartner

Audio Mixer

Aaron Selbig

Season 1 Co-host

Alex Nunes


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