Mosaic is a podcast about immigration and identity, with a focus on the true, personal, and often unbelievable stories of immigrants and migrants living in New England.

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EP.1 // SEASON 1

Omar Bah Flees Gambia

Gambian journalist Omar Bah flees his country.

EP.1 // SEASON 2

Balancing Act

The coronavirus pandemic has been especially difficult for undocumented immigrants, like Mikayla’s parents. As a student at Brown University, Mikayla has spent the majority of 2020 trying to forge her own path through the Ivy League and a changing world all while dealing with the stress of her family back home.

EP.19 // SEASON 1

Triple Decker Menace

You walk by them, maybe you live in one. But do you know the triple-decker home was once a symbol of anti-immigrant sentiment in New England?


Mosaic is committed to writing, exploring, and learning from stories through the lens of racial equality.

Meet Your Host

Ana González is the host and producer of Mosaic. She’s proudly Puerto Rican and Irish, and loves dogs, people, and plants (in that order).

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The Secret of Chiqui Versace

In this special episode of Mosaic, our podcast on immigration, we introduce Chiqui Versace: a Rhode Island resident who came to the U.S. at 16, looking for work and hoping to support his family back in Colombia. He also came here to be his true self – to not have to hide anything about who he is. From the outside, Versace lived what appeared to be a normal life. For decades he was gainfully employed, paid taxes every year, and volunteered his time for charitable causes. But to stay here, to live the life he had always wanted to live, he had to carry a very big secret.


How We’ve Changed

It’s been 20 years since the September 11th terrorist attacks changed everything. In this episode of Mosaic, we’ll hear from four different people about their experiences with 9/11.


Bonus Episode! Capture the Block from Fringe Fest 2021

Highlights from Mosaic’s community stage at The Wilbury Theatre’s Fringe Fest 2021. Ana sits down with activist Enrique Sánchez and artist Jess Brown to talk about the impact of the pandemic on their lives and communities.


When Home Is The Mouth Of A Shark

Daniela came from a place that became the mouth of a shark. In just a few months, she went from a teenager praying in her village church to a migrant, traversing half a continent to reach the Rio Grande.


Hope All Is Well

Jon Hope creates music that represents his roots in Rhode Island and Africa. With his new album and a new educational initiative, Hope is moving beyond his past and helping others to realize a new future.


The End of Abuse

Gloria Greenfield helps undocumented victims of domestic abuse break free from their abusers and get legal status, all without being a lawyer.


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