Mosaic is a podcast about immigration and identity, with a focus on the true, personal, and often unbelievable stories of immigrants and migrants living in New England.

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EP.1 // SEASON 1

Omar Bah Flees Gambia

Gambian journalist Omar Bah flees his country.

EP.1 // SEASON 2

Balancing Act

The coronavirus pandemic has been especially difficult for undocumented immigrants, like Mikayla’s parents. As a student at Brown University, Mikayla has spent the majority of 2020 trying to forge her own path through the Ivy League and a changing world all while dealing with the stress of her family back home.

EP.19 // SEASON 1

Triple Decker Menace

You walk by them, maybe you live in one. But do you know the triple-decker home was once a symbol of anti-immigrant sentiment in New England?


Mosaic is committed to writing, exploring, and learning from stories through the lens of racial equality.

Meet Your Host

Ana González is the host and producer of Mosaic. She’s proudly Puerto Rican and Irish, and loves dogs, people, and plants (in that order).

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Juan García, Part II: The Birth of an Organizer

Juan García’s story concludes in Providence, where he finds direction defending immigrant communities.


Juan García, Part I: Journey From Bananaland

Part one of Juan García’s life tells a history of revolution, migration, and the strength of the human spirit.


Zenaida and the vaivén

Zenaida García never wanted to leave Puerto Rico. She was forced into the choppy waters of the vaivén and almost lost herself entirely. In this episode of Mosaic, Zenaida reclaims her life.


Los Peloteros de PSL

In Dominican culture, baseball is the only sport that matters. One youth baseball organization in Providence taps into that power to support Dominican immigrant families and build futures for kids on and off the field.


House Resolution 5068

John Gordon’s fate turns into folklore that, 166 years later, causes a group of Irish Rhode Islanders to reopen the trial and seek justice.


Who Killed Amasa Sprague?

There are theories to this day about who killed the powerful mill owner in 1843. But no answers. One family, though, and really just one man, remains indelibly linked to the Sprague murder. In this episode of Mosaic, part one of the story of Irish immigrant John Gordon.


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