Bonus Episode! Capture the Block from Fringe Fest 2021

Highlights from Mosaic’s community stage at The Wilbury Theatre’s Fringe Fest 2021. Ana sits down with activist Enrique Sánchez and artist Jess Brown to talk about the impact of the pandemic on their lives and communities.

Hope All Is Well

Jon Hope creates music that represents his roots in Rhode Island and Africa. With his new album and a new educational initiative, Hope is moving beyond his past and helping others to realize a new future.


Intergenerational conversations within immigrant families are complicated by differences in language, experience, and the trauma of immigration. Ana sits down with playwright Jenny Sánchez to see how she worked through her own family’s immigration story with her virtual, Spanish-language play, Abue!

God Talks To An Agnostic

A conversation with playwright and director Don Mays, who has created a space for a theatrical examination of Christianity in Black and brown communities with his latest audio play.


In this episode of Mosaic, we explore what it means to be Cape Verdean in a Black and white America through the story of New England’s most famous R&B family.

America, The Beautiful And Lonely

When Hernan leaves Argentina, he doesn’t know where he’s going or if he’ll be back. He travels from one end of the world to the other, but it’s not until he falls in love that he finds a home, for now.

Rupa Finds Her Courage In A West Warwick Gym

Growing up in India, Rupa loved to learn and perform classical Kathak dance. But life and school prevented her from following her passions. That is, until she moved to the US and regained her confidence.

The Portuguese Kids

Three friends from Fall River, Massachusetts, use the struggles of second generation Portuguese Americans as inspiration for careers in comedy (contains a handful of instances of mild swears).