Bonus Episode! Capture the Block from Fringe Fest 2021

Highlights from Mosaic’s community stage at The Wilbury Theatre’s Fringe Fest 2021. Ana sits down with activist Enrique Sánchez and artist Jess Brown to talk about the impact of the pandemic on their lives and communities.

The End of Abuse

Gloria Greenfield helps undocumented victims of domestic abuse break free from their abusers and get legal status, all without being a lawyer.

The Power of Radio

Tony Mendez co-founded Rhode Island’s first 24/7 Spanish-language radio station, Poder 1110, in 1995. He talks with host Ana González about how radio has empowered the latinx community in Rhode Island to become civically engaged.

Underrepresented in Medicine

Gisel Bello is a 4th-year medical student and the host of You Are Med, a podcast that unpacks what it means to be underrepresented in medicine.

Palestinian Diaspora, Identity, and Hope

Professor Beshara Doumani gives new context to the relationship between Israel and Palestine and speaks about what it means to be Palestinian in a world that denies your very existence.

Therapy In Two Worlds

A conversation with therapist Sandra Victorino LMHC about her life and the complexities and benefits of treating mental health from a bicultural perspective.

Los Peloteros de PSL

In Dominican culture, baseball is the only sport that matters. One youth baseball organization in Providence taps into that power to support Dominican immigrant families and build futures for kids on and off the field.

Living Ramadan

In this episode of Mosaic, we break fast with the Kinjawi family throughout the holy month of Ramadan to understand how living as Muslims in the US has allowed them to become both more Muslim and more American.