How We’ve Changed

It’s been 20 years since the September 11th terrorist attacks changed everything. In this episode of Mosaic, we’ll hear from four different people about their experiences with 9/11.

When Home Is The Mouth Of A Shark

Daniela came from a place that became the mouth of a shark. In just a few months, she went from a teenager praying in her village church to a migrant, traversing half a continent to reach the Rio Grande.

Hope All Is Well

Jon Hope creates music that represents his roots in Rhode Island and Africa. With his new album and a new educational initiative, Hope is moving beyond his past and helping others to realize a new future.

The End of Abuse

Gloria Greenfield helps undocumented victims of domestic abuse break free from their abusers and get legal status, all without being a lawyer.

The Power of Radio

Tony Mendez co-founded Rhode Island’s first 24/7 Spanish-language radio station, Poder 1110, in 1995. He talks with host Ana González about how radio has empowered the latinx community in Rhode Island to become civically engaged.


Intergenerational conversations within immigrant families are complicated by differences in language, experience, and the trauma of immigration. Ana sits down with playwright Jenny Sánchez to see how she worked through her own family’s immigration story with her virtual, Spanish-language play, Abue!

Underrepresented in Medicine

Gisel Bello is a 4th-year medical student and the host of You Are Med, a podcast that unpacks what it means to be underrepresented in medicine.

Therapy In Two Worlds

A conversation with therapist Sandra Victorino LMHC about her life and the complexities and benefits of treating mental health from a bicultural perspective.

God Talks To An Agnostic

A conversation with playwright and director Don Mays, who has created a space for a theatrical examination of Christianity in Black and brown communities with his latest audio play.