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"Dear Andrew, I know you crave assimilation."

Dear Andrew, I know you crave assimilation. It flies by you. It leaves a dark, muted bruise.

Please look at it. Bruises may hurt, but they slowly fade away. This is how you learn.

Please stop stretching your fingers out into the wind. You won’t be able to feel the radiant warmth of blonde hair and fair skin.

Look what happened.

You reached too far and now your fingers are scorched. Don’t try to rip your eyes open. They are beautifully created, but they serve as a harsh reminder of your Korean heritage.

You are hurting yourself.

Stop seeking. I promise that you will come to accept every rough edge. Your identity is something to be cherished, so hold it tight and keep it close.

Let Korea seep into every pore of your bare skin; allow it to run through your veins.

Let Korea sing.

—Andrew Lee
Ramonita Cuba Almonte
Xuan Huynh

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